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The Multi-Cultural Borderlands of Medieval Toledo

Toledo Bridge

The Multi-Cultural Borderlands of Medieval Toledo

New Directions. June 5-7, 2019

The purpose of this symposium is to bring together scholars of diverse academic backgrounds and interests to explore topics of hybridity, liminality, centrality of the people and communities, documents, archeological and material remnants, philosophical discourses, legal constructs, and the geography of Medieval Toledo. We seek to further our understanding of the relationship of this central city to the borderland areas both literal and figurative, cities, communities along the frontier of between the Christian kingdoms to the North and the Taifas to the South.

Some keywords to consider:

  1. Mixing, integration, exchange

  2. Border regions, border identities, liminality, epicenter-nucleus

  3. Boundaries (physical-material, cultural)

  4. Borderland legal boundaries, territories, disputes, treaties, agreements

  5. Language borders, language mixing, language contact, isoglosses, writing systems

  6. Philosophy, theology and frontiers

  7. Texts, intertextuality, translation

  8. General Estoria, Alfonso X

  9. Economy