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Front view of Centennial HallThe Department of Modern Languages helps prepare Texas State University students for careers in education, international relations and business, and foreign service, as well as other professions. We offer majors and minors in Spanish, French and German, a minor in Japanese. We offer a comprehensive master's program in Spanish with courses in literature, linguistics, language, culture and film. In addition, through Extension Studies, the department offers courses in Arabic, Chinese, Italian, and American Sign Language.

If you want to think globally, then you need to speak a foreign language. The Modern Language Association "regards the learning of languages other than English as vital to an understanding of the world; such learning serves as a portal to the literatures, cultures, historical perspectives, and human experiences that constitute the human record. Pragmatically, we believe in the value of becoming part of a global conversation in which knowledge of English is often not enough, and the security and future of our country depend on accurately understanding other cultures through their linguistic and cultural practices." READ MORE.


The faculty of the Department of Modern Languages publish internationally and are recognized for their expertise in literature, linguistics, cultural studies, and film. CALICO, an international journal and organization devoted to the use of technology in foreign language teaching, is housed in the department. The department also publishes Letras Hispanas: Revista de Literatura y Cultura, a peer-reviewed, open-access online journal dedicated to publishing scholarly essays that engage topics in connection with Spanish, Latin American, and US Latino literatures and cultures. Beginning in 2015, the department will also host the Texas State German Contest.

We also host semester study programs in Japan and Spain, as well as summer study programs in Austria, Costa Rica, France, Italy, Japan, Jordan, and Spain. Find out how studying abroad could give you an edge in the job market.